It appears that there are as many causes for acne as there are people who suffer from it (one of the secured conditions is too much sebum in the wrong pores as a result of the wrong hormones, the second is the presence of the wrong bacterium like Propionibacterium acnes and all the other facts are more or less unknown).

Not surprisingly there are nearly as many suggestions to treat the condition, mostly with little success.


The patient above treated his acne for years with all applications beeing known without any success. Even Roaccutan® (Isotretinoin) had no efficiency. Maveracream® Propolis itself had a good efficiency, specially the combination with our Thanaka had the greatest success in his history of acne treatment.


Maveracream® Propolis visibly improves the skin in 2-4 days with long-term results. Our pure natural ingredients have a positive effect on skin bacteria, dissolving blackheads and removing inflammation. Pimples in their early stages ripen more quickly and usually disappear, or are visibly reduced, within 2 days.


Once the acne is healed, we recommend the use of our normal Maveracream®. It acts as a prophylactic if applied sparingly on a daily basis. Should another pimple appear, use Maveracream® Propolis again to clear the skin.


Since some months we try at friends and ourselves a mixture of Thanaka and Ginger as a facial mask additionally to the Maveracrem® with very good results. We have customers with no positive response to the usual acne treatment like cleaning, peeling, local desinfectants, antibiotics, Vitamin A, Tretinoin, Isotretinoin, UV-B, UV-A and even Maveracream® who had unbelievable benefits from Thanaka and Ginger.







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