Maveracream® is effective in treating the skin rashes associated with various types of herpes infections. Use it on the blisters on lips (cold sores) and genitalia or the spots and irritation of chicken pox and shingles.

Standard anti-virus medication affects in the human cell and prevents the production of new viruses. Unfortunately, it can also cause resistance, similar to antibiotics. The Maveracream® effect is immediate without causing resistance. Our theory is that the active ingredients in the cream protect the cells so that the virus cannot attach itself to enter them.

Usually, the initial infection with herpes on the lips or in the genital area is very uncomfortable for weeks, but heals in a few days when using Maveracream®. Repeat infections, which otherwise last for 7-10 days, heal in 1 day.

In chickenpox, the itching disappears quickly and the course of the illness will be influenced very favourably. With shingles, as with all diseases, use the cream as soon as possible to speed up recovery.


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