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Our philosophy is to use only the best ingredients – we want to use our own products!

In those cases, where we have to use chemicals we look for the best ones with the lowest allergic potential. We only use preservatives that don’t cause irritation, and as a detergent we always use the more expensive sodium laureth sulfate, because, unlike sodium lauryl sulphate, it does not cause cancer. We believe that sodium lauryl sulfate is good to clean your car but never your hair!

We source our natural ingredients, such as Mangosteen, Aloe Vera, Teatree Oil and Propolis, directly from producers all over the world who share our philosophy of providing only the best quality.

Our Teatree Oil is highly purified and not the inferior mixture that is often used because this ensures the efficiency of our products.

Last but not least, we develop new and better methods of processing – for example, we do not use alcohol to produce our extracts (alcohol or other solvents will destroy the natural protective film of the skin).

We trust you enjoy our high quality products.


Since December 2016 our new Phlogistoncreme. Brilliant stuff.

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