Monache Shampoo and Conditioner

Monache shampoo and conditioner are available on the market since November 2008. They were developed by a biochemist from Bangkok who has produced personal care products for many years. When she could not find satisfactory hair products for her hair problems she developed a perfect shampoo and conditioner.


Where is the difference, are not all shampoos the same?


Shampoos contain active washing substances to achieve their cleansing effect. One of the cheapest of these is sodium lauryl sulfate, but it is also very aggressive. It makes a wonderful car shampoo or dishwashing detergent but is not suitable for the sensitive human scalp. It brutally removes sebum (fat) and hair protein structures, attacking the scalp and hair roots. The scalp tries to compensate for the missing fat by producing more of it, resulting in even greasier hair. At the same time, the hair is damaged and dries out, leading to split ends and, ultimately, hair loss. The carcinogenic effect is discussed the irritating effects are increasingly well known. People with skin diseases like eczema should avoid sodium lauryl sulphate completely!


Monache® shampoo contains magnesium laureth sulphate as a detergent. It sounds similar to sodium laureth sulphate but its effects are quite different. It cleans gently and leaves enough grease on the hair to protect the scalp and hair. It is not used widely in shampoos because it is rather expensive, but a healthy scalp and hair are worth it.

Monache® shampoo also contains natural substances that repair the scalp and hair, such as antioxidants from rice bran extract, vitamin E, fatty acids and proteins that are deposited into the hair shaft.

Directions: apply a small amount to wet hair and work into a lather. Rinse. Repeat application if necessary.

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