Our new Phlogistoncreme

Phlogistoncreme the big tubes 50 ml.

Phlogistoncreme the small tubes 10 ml

Phlogistoncreme is our newest product manufactured in Germany but our special ingredients like Mangosteen, fermented Mangosteenextract and Aloe Vera are still from Thailand.


Shipping from Germany with all registrations according to the EU. 


In comparison to the older Maveracream we got a higher amount of the peel of the Mangosteen, so the colour is yellow-orange and the odor is really fruity. 


The relaxing and noticeable rapid care effect is more pronounced so that the irritated skin relaxes quickly and also redness fade slowly with a long lasting effect.

To find our Phlogistoncreme easy in a drugstore or other shops the codes:

         PZN (Pharmazentralnr.)        PPN (Pharmacyproductnr.)       GTIN (Barcode)

10 ml    12724714                                 111272471446                 04007944002547

50 ml    12670036                                 111267003622                 04007944002554

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