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Tanaka and Ginger for your skin


In the near past we got focused to Tanaka with it´s healing properties against acne and inflammatory skin conditions and as a cosmetic used since centuries in Asia.


In the picture above it´s the light yellow powder on the right side, on the left the dark yellow is Ginger. Tanaka is made of a tree bark.


Both can be combined for a better anti-inflammatory effect. Tanaka is used mixed with water as a paste as a sun protector and for a lovely smooth and clear skin.


It worked at 2 patients with a dramatic acne inflammation within 2 weeks where all other western medicine like Isotretinoin etc. failed. Even our Maveracream could not cure this cases of acne. Which was the first time and frustrating. So we all were happy to find something new and in the western world unknown.


We combined Tanaka, Ginger and Turmeric. Best results but Turmeric colors your skin yellow for a day and even the skin is healing you look like a heavy liver condition or an accident with a painter.


Title Tanaka Ginger Turmeric acne sun protection Maveracream


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