Maveracream® Original

The active ingredients of Maveracream® Original, which is our very first formula, are derived from pure, natural substances. These include Aloe Vera, whose healing properties have been known for thousands of years, and Mangosteen, the tropical fruit whose remarkable healing powers have been discovered relatively recently.

The peel of Mangosteen contains antioxidants, flavonoids, astringents and other healing agents. Fermented Mangosteen extract is a significant ingredient, following the discovery of its ability to increase the potency of the cream.

The ingredients unfold their anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and antibacterial properties on the skin with an added astringent effect, which promotes the acceleration of wound healing.

Within hours of treatment with Maveracream® Original,, the beneficial effects include the visible improvement of inflammatory skin conditions, whether the cause is bacterial (e.g. pimples or acne), fungal (e.g. althlete's foot or "jock" itch) or viral (e.g. herpes or warts caused by HPV). Conditions that show rapid improvement also include dandruff of fungal origin.

Our research shows that scaling/dandruff is reduced after two treatments with Maveracream® Original,, while acne pimples are noticeably less inflamed after two days and hardly visible after a week of treatment.

Non-bacterial inflammatory problems, such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis or sunburn are relieved by the application of "Mavera" skin cream, as well as itching from bites: mosquito bites are eased within five minutes. This safe, versatile skin cream can also be used as an effective deodorant.

Please note that conditions not influenced by the cream are those of non-inflammatory origin, such as old scarring with skin discolourations.

For best effect, generously apply Maveracream® Original, directly onto the affected area; for example, the pimple or scalp; allow the application to develop its effects for 10-15 minutes then either rub in, wash or wipe off. Use at least twice daily, morning and night, or more often if desired or required.






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