Body Odor

Mavera smells good
Mavera smells good

That never happened to you?

Then try it with our
Mavera ® Cream. Without aluminum and other toxins but mangosteen and aloe vera efficient against unpleasant odors. Effective immediately within seconds.

Body odour can be very unpleasant. Its many causes include foods, such as garlic, and diseases, such as tooth decay. Most commonly, excessive perspiration is decomposed by bacteria which results in a pervasive smell.


Ohter reasons of a bad odour is a direct body contact to smelly something as dog owner and nurses or doctors know already. Even intense washing with good detergents and desinfectants will not help against one of the worthest smell which is feces!


Maveracream Original will stop this odour after washing instantly! And maybe desinfect too.


Maveracream® reduces the amount of perspiration somewhat but mainly prevents odours from forming. Used under the arms instead of deodorant, the effects are immediate and last for 12 - 24 hours. Other areas of the body can also be treated successfully.

A patient reported that he used Maveracream® against haemorrhoids and noticed that the accompanying odour vanished immediately. Another client suffered from very smelly feet after wearing closed shoes for 12 hours at a time in hot working conditions. Now, he thinly applies Maveracream® to his feet before putting on socks and shoes and is not scared anymore to take off his shoes after work. A female customer appreciates the added smell-reducing effects of the cream when treating cases of thrush, itchiness or redness in the genital area.


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